HS 440X - DeWitt Clinton
High School

Exterior Restoration

The DeWitt Clinton High School located on West Mosholu Parkway in the Bronx. It was originally designed by Architect WM H Gumpert and constructed in 1929. The five (5) story building
houses approximately 4,000 students and 400 teachers and staff in 130 classrooms (378,000 GSF).

The building’s main third floor has substantial water damage in the classrooms, Library and Auditorium on the first floor. Exterior Probes and non-destructive tests were performed and provided a comprehensive understanding of the existing building envelope and identified the masonry façade, parapet/coping as an integral unit that is the immediate cause of the water infiltration. The high rate of absorption of moisture through the brick and mortar joints
combined with the absence of parapet thru-wall fl ashing, coping underbed flashing, and lintel construction is the primary cause of water infiltration.

The project includes masonry, window lintel and parapet replacement and the parapet’s terracotta coping with GFRC (as part of SCA standards). Other areas of replacement include all natural stone walls on site, all exterior stairs (including the main entry), and en% re roof
replacement and associated mechanical equipment.

School Construction Authority

Bronx, New York

Project Size: 
378,000 GSF

Currently Under Construction