CARE Clinton Parkview

A Supervised Living Facility for the Developmentally Disabled

The site has been designated as an Urban Renewal Area since the 1970’s, as is owned by the City of New York through the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development. It is located on the western edge of the Clinton Urban Renewal Area. The project directly meets the stated goal to recognize and support DeWitt Clinton Park as a focus for higher density residential development. It further meets the Plan’s call for increasing affordable housing around the large
open space of the park.
The Clinton Association for a Renewed Environment, Inc. (CARE) proposed to build the structure using a typical concrete plank and masonry bearing wall construction approach. The residential
building is 11-stories, rising to a height of approximately 102 feet. There are a total of 96 dwelling units. The building also has a partial basement, ground floor recreating space and an outdoor private garden for the residents. There is also approximately 4,000 sf of retail space on the ground floor.


New York, New York

Project Size: 
110,377 GSF